She sold a house owned by Bill Cosby on East 71st Street to duty-free czar
 Robert Miller for one of the highest prices ever paid for a house in the city.
 Other brokers  say her clients include  Agnellis, Rothschilds, Mellons,
 and Hearsts. You won't find Burnham listed in the Yellow Pages, and she
 seldom advertises. It's strictly a referrals-only business. "If you're wealthy,
 do you get your lawyer from an ad?" she asks. "Or your doctor or baby-
 sitter? You wouldn't dream of it. So why would you buy an apartment that
 costs millions through an ad?"

 Cover Story, New York Magazine

 "One of the most powerful and successful real estate brokers in New York


 Patricia Burnham is a high-end broker who knows a thing or two about
 high-end clients.

 CNN Live Sunday

 Patricia Burnham a power broker who has done deals for Calvin Klein
 and is incredibly protective about divulging details of her business. That
 same approach has led to her success, she says "I feel part of the reason
 that people come to me is that things stay confidential," she said.
 "Business is all referrals, of course, and Burnham doesn't advertise. "I
 don't get my doctor or dentist or lawyer out of an ad, and the same should
 be true for a broker." One of her specialties: dealing with time pressed
 CEOs. "I get deals done very quickly. I had a celebrity couple that was
 looking for two years and I found them a place in a half-hour. I know
 where you are going to buy, even before you look." Lives on Park Avenue
 and brings clients around town in a black Mercedes, where they get access
 to her list off-the-market properties whose owners "may sell for the right

 The Real Deal

 Guest Speaker
 Bloomberg Radio: The Money Show

 "Realtor Patricia Burnham shows us samples of what Wall Street
 Christmas 'bonus babies' buy." On Air, Ms. Burnham characterized the
  furnished pad as the perfect answer for successfull, busy Wall Streeters
  whose bonuses would soon burn holes in their silk-lined pockets.


 The luxury market in New York follows Wall Street," said Patricia
 Burnham, president of P.S. Burnham, a Manhattan brokerage that
 specializes in high end sales. "When things start to look a little better in
 the stock market, as they have been, we see prices start to firm."

 Bloomberg News

 SALES: "My sales are the same every year--every person I know has to live
 somewhere. I move America."
 THE DETAILS: "I like to be on top of every deal. I'm accessible to every
 client," she says. Known for hosting swank cocktail parties at Daniel for
 friends like Dominick Dunne and Mark Green. Ferries clients around in a
 big black Mercedes. Lives on Park Avenue. Works out "like a madwoman"
 at Equinox.

 New York Magazine

 "Real Estate maven"
 NY Observer

 "Top Realtor Patricia S. Burnham."
 New York Post

 Over at the Four Seasons, Burnham, president of P.S. Burnham Inc.
 explains her strategy for winning clients over lunch. "It's completely a
 referral business", says Burnham. Today, Burnham counts among her
 clients Vince Carter, who plays basketball for the New Jersey Nets.

 Bloomberg Markets

 "Luxury real estate expert"


 "Real estate diva Patricia Burnham, of the epnymous firm, sold on"
 apartment in the Dakota to Connie Chung and Maury Povich."

 New York Magazine

 "The Luxury Market in New York follows Wall Street", said Patricia
 Burnham. President of P.S. Burnham, a manhattan brokerage that
 specializes in high-end sales.

 Daily News

 Patricia Burnham, the real-estate diva.
 The New York Sun

 New York City real estate powerhouse Patricia Burnham has found homes
 for the likes of Calvin and Kelly Klein, Anne Hearst and Earl Mack."

 Hamptons Magazine

 “People come to me because they want an experienced leader in the
  industry and that’s exactly what I deliver.”

 Top Agent Magazine

 Zur Elite unter den Immobilienmaklern zahlt auch Patricia Burnham, die
  beruhmte Kunden wie Calvin Klein bei einem Essen im Grill Room im
  Hotel Four Seasons umwirbt. In diesem Jahr hat sie sich nach einem
  Apartment fur Sharon Bush umgesehen, die fruhere Schwagerin von
  US-Prasident George W. Bush.

 Die Welt

 "Power Realtor Patricia Burnham, the broker to such folks as
 Calvin Klein, Chris Whittle, Steve Wynn, and Jerry Della
 Femina, has held a party each May in the Hamptons to kick off the
 summer. This year Burnham's holding her party in town at the
 Knickerbocker Club."
 Daily News

 "President Burnham, the president of P.S. Burnham, a firm
 that deals in luxury buildings."
 New York Times

  Patricia Burnham of P.S. Burnham Inc. told us that the Winston
  estate is actually 15 acres and is located in a one-acre zone.
  The Colonial style home was built in 1911 and has been owned
  by the Winston's for over 60 years. "It's the last great estate
  30 minutes from New York." Burnham advised.
 Real Estate Weekly

  Cover Story, New York Magazine

  "We don't have a lot of supply, and the demand will stay strong because
  we are the financial capital of the world," Patricia Burnham said.